Professional: VST Customs - Software Engineer Intern

VST Customs is t-shirt company specializing in making custom t-shirts and wearable gear. Here from March to July 2018, I worked on developing an in-house solution for getting client designs and using those designs for printing on the shirts.

Project: Stockalyzer

This was a realtime stock and crytocurrency analyzer made as a project with some friends. Angular and Bootstrap were used for this project.

Project: Hearthstone RNG Simulator

I wanted to make something that would tell random probabilities of minions/heroes dying Hearthstone. This is a command line application that simulates randomly generated damage among those minions and heroes.

Project: Android Workout Tracker

This is a workout tracker I made in Android Studio. I thought it would be interesting to have something to track certain exercises for my workouts over different weeks. I haven’t finished it yet but basic implementation is there. There’s also a kilograms to pounds calculator in there too, cause why not?

Project: Recipr

Recipr is a recipe recommender I made with a couple of friends. We have four main searches for this recommender. They are by: recipe, ingredients, ethnicity, and nutrients. The project came out of wanting to make food with certain ingredients you had at home. For example if you had pasta, carrots, and potatoes, you could use this tool to find a particular recipe to make with these ingredients you had. Additional features include excluding ingredients, and having dietary restrictions on searches.

Professional: Deserve - Junior Software Engineer

Deserve is a credit-card company I was with from September 2018 to Febrary 2019 as a Junior Software Engineer. The company focused in on providing credit to both people with unestablished credit histories, and populations coming to the United States internationally. Here I worked on many projects, involving both front and backend work.