Professional: Deserve - Junior Software Engineer

Deserve is a credit-card company I was with from September 2018 to Febrary 2019 as a Junior Software Engineer. The company focused in on providing credit to both people with unestablished credit histories, and populations coming to the United States internationally. Here I worked on many projects, involving both front and backend work.


  1. Maintained main Wordpress website, adding new pages and features.
  2. Added features such as, detecting user delinquency and styling of pages, to user dashboard, which was able to be used by all Deserve card holders.
  3. Translated features specified by UI designer to React/HTML on website, both on the Deserve webpage, and with Deserve’s contracted Sallie Mae project.
  4. Tested card prequalification and application pages used by potential new card holders, in Selenium.



  1. Worked with analytics on website, tracking user actions with Mixpanel.
  2. Created backend APIs in Django, i.e. a pause your card API used by mobile users to stop transactions on their cards.